Brooks School of Dance

After relocating their dance studio, the guys from Brooks School of Dance needed new mirrors for their aspiring dancers. We first fitted MDF board to the concrete tilt panels on to which we then fitted our mirrors. The result was pretty cool!

Bringing the outside in

Today we made the trip to Lorne to glaze some windows in an extension overlooking the ocean. Ah, the sea air! In an effort to bring the outdoors inside, the builder made floor to ceiling windows which we glazed using laminated safety glass. This morning it was an open air work site but when we left at lunch time, it was a room for the grand kids with 180 degree views of the amazing beach line of the Great Ocean Road.

Happy 60th Birthday Frank

Frank has been with Werribee Glass for the best part of 30 years. He is a most loyal, reliable and trustworthy employee and without him, we would not be the company we are today.

We were thrilled to be able to help him celebrate his 60th birthday today with cake, party poppers, balloons and funny hats! As an extra treat, we are breaking with the fish and chip friday tradition and heading out for lunch to the pub.


News from the industry

There has been much publicity lately about cheap, imported building products, including glass. In particular, glass that seems to explode for no apparent reason. Throughout the media coverage the reason given for such explosions was poor quality, imported glass products. Many examples portrayed however, were found to have been caused by installation issues rather than the 'cheap imports' stigma associated with the products. Nevertheless, a senate inquiry in to non-conforming building products has been announced.


Keep your glass clean!

Thinking about a glass pool fence or a new shower screen? Save time and hassle in cleaning by applying Enduroshield on to your new glass products. You only need to apply it once but cleaning will be so much easier, it will prevent the build up of bacteria and the effects of hard water and it comes with a 10 year guarantee when it has been applied to new glass by professionals. Visit the website for more info

Remember though, your Enduroshield is best used on new glass so as soon as you've got your new shower screen or fence installed, make sure you've got some Enduroshield on hand. It will make life so much easier for the cleaner!

Koh Haircutters, Altona

We were lucky enough to be part of the renovation team at Koh Haircutters in Altona. Installing the mirrors and suspended glass shelving yesterday ready for the grand reopening on Tuesday 9th June. The mirrors at each cutting station have been sandblasted on the back to create a border effect through which the LED lighting can shine, and the toughened glass shelves have been suspended from floor to ceiling by stainless steel cables.

Call in for a haircut and get a closer look at some of the cool stuff you can do with glass.

Glass from up high

Up on the scissor lift today. All safety gear in check and job done successfully. We were replacing a piece of toughened safety glass today to a panel in a factory frontage. While toughened glass is very strong, there's no need to tell you how much more careful we have to be when handling it from heights. We have a trained health and safety officer in our team and we all hold construction industry white cards.